Software Solutions for Offshore Industry

To serve with complete software solutions

 for deepwater drilling industry  




ORB is a special software designed specifically for onshore bases where
inspection, storage and maintenance of equipment takes place. It handles handovers between staff of the workshop and keeps track of inspection work states so that no time is wasted checking what work has been carried out. ORB
allows supervisors to easily monitor assigned tasks and the status of individual workers and automatically stores the work history for review and audit. It keeps track of the amount of work in form of man-hours used on equipment for each individual rig. It also handles and keeps records of communication between the base and the rigs to make sure nothing is "lost in translation". ORB integrates with REMOS online services to allow for easy riser equipment transfer management across the fleet. ORB allows to store inspection related documents such as service packs or even pictures. 



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