Software Solutions for Offshore Industry

To serve with complete software solutions

 for deepwater drilling industry  


1.     Creating/storing online running/pulling  lists of marine riser joints  

REMOS helps to create you running list by simple drag’n’drop action. It helps to choose and plan ahead which riser joint should be chosen to the active riser string to ensure their minimum wear and tear. It will print out a numbered list of riser bay to the Crane Op. to ensure the correct follow up of the riser running plan. In case you need to chance the running list during operation due to i.e. faulty joint, making the new list is simple and fast and will not create downtime.  


2.     Top Tension and space out management, plus wire┬┤s and cylinders care. 

REMOS helps graphically to design and simulate various configurations in regards top tension and well space out. REMOS recommends the Top Tension figure according to the API standard. 

REMOS also calculates and alerts for tensioner wires slip-and-cut time and cylinders service time. 


3.     Automated process of requesting riser joints inspection.  

REMOS takes care of your communication with Company Management and rig regarding riser inspection requirements. 


4.       Planning and tracking each individual riser joint location in riser rack. 

You can use REMOS to allocate your individual riser joint to a position on a riser rack. It helps to plan ahead your best configuration of your riser rack.  


5.     On line, ad-hoc information about stored ashore riser joints readiness and for next well availability. 

REMOS will inform you when riser joints will be available whether you can include them for your next well planning. 


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