Software Solutions for Offshore Industry

To serve with complete software solutions

 for deepwater drilling industry  


1.     Riser Joints BusinessAssurance Management process.  

REMOS automatically ensures each riser joint that onboard, ashore even or at 3rd party workshop is used, repaired and stored according to API and manufacturer requirements. 


2.     Creating and implementing riser joints inspection policy as mix of schedule base and condition based as per API S 53. 

If you are confused whether scheduled or condition based maintenance should apply to your riser jointsmanagement, you can utilize REMOS to help making your decision. REMOS uses both criteria’s and you will find out which systemis most economical to your operation taking account the situation, year and region of the operation.REMOS doesn’t interfere with existing preventive maintenance program but improves its performance. 


3.     Analyzing riser joint inspection cost. 

REMOS will predict your future inspection and repair cost based on automatically stored and analyzed data; it compares man-hours and spare parts used during maintenance ashore with the riser joint´s operational parameters when it was used i.e. top tension, water depth, position in the riser string. 


4.     Automatic enhancement to existing Company Maintenance program. 

Without REMOS your preventive maintenance program is a records logging tool, not an active equipment management tool. By connection REMOS to your existing system you can feed riser 

joint´s operational time(calendar days – running days – present fatigue indicator figure) and spare part cost data into the existing preventive maintenance system automatically. The result is that there will be any “weak links” joints onboard offshore rigs which can end up to the offshore riser string. Same time the offshore riser management and riser joint identification for inspections is improved to a safe level. It also helps management to makefollowing years BOP related equipmentbudget and purchases. 

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